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New Candide – Common Rumors


The following are Common Rumors easily discovered with a weeks worth of eavesdropping.  They may or may not be true.


 The city is divided into 6 Aegis, which are also the months in the New Candide Calendar. 

Aegis Rumors 


                                                              i.      §         The Funerary, ruled by Tobin directly.  The center of the cult that performs the peacing, the center of New Candide and a significant draw of capital and thaumaturgic energies has doubled the blood tax to defeat the Eastern Obscenity.  Tobin and his Six have defeated Glered-Nigh in the Battle of Flame and Earth  (Earth here implies both Mother Earth and Grave Mound peacing Earth) 

                                                            ii.      §         Ein- (also a person.  The second most powerful Thaumaturge in New Candide, or so reputed) The region is known for the annual festival of Ein, city wide which takes place in the Coliseum.  In the Month of Ein, there are no coliseum games.  The Ein Aegis becomes like a Saturnalia during this time with frequent outbreaks famed for both their group mania, licentiousness and “fainting ecstasies”. The colliseum sacrifice has been cancelled this year instead there is by popular and unofficial demand a reenactment of the Battle of Flame and Earth.

                                                          iii.      §         Divyune- Once ruled by Two brothers.  One is rumored dead having "summon’d up that which he culd not put down"  Divyune has become a section of shuttered windows.  They suffer 3 blood taxes since the death of the Divyune brother. Divyune has been struck particularly hard with the plague and the death of a ruling brother.  Their Immortal Soldiers are stern and more grim than ever.  No one goes on the streets at night.  Yet no one chooses to leave.

                                                          iv.      §         Freewings-Militia.  Disciplined and maintaining the largest Open Markets in New Candide policed by the Freewings who hire "Talent" to supplement their ranks.  Their cut from the Open Markets seems to give them plenty of Operating capital.  Fiero Magi as well as Saurian Nym are heavily seen in their employ.  Triads, modeled after Lower Saracea, dispense justice often on the spot and usually consisting of conscription for most crimes.

                                                            v.      §         Fiero-An ancient Noble House that practice their own style of Magic their footsoldiers use to keep Fiero streets and now Prism Town clean. House Fiero is on the ascendency and is now a visible and strong precence in Prism, having their Magi-Warriors clean out the fearsome lycanthropes prowling around Prism Village.  The citizens fly Fiero flags.

                                                          vi.      §         Free Legion-grants asylum to any who sign up. (or is it an asylum?) Famous for their slum region, known as the “rotgut hells” The Free Legion has collapsed in impotency and anarchy and the blood tax has been lifted.  The plague does not extend into Free Legion areas and midwife centers have started opening up in Free Legion until it was found that the children born are believed to be changelings, which has generated more fear and a belief dark faerie inhabit the Free Legion Aegis.

                                                        vii.      §         Six Servants of New Candide: An area ruled by 6 servants owing Fealty directly to Tobin; and where the Battle of Flame and Earth where the Six bested one of the Dragons of Glered-Nigh and Noble Laerya fell to death. Most of the new Six are a mystery to common folk:

1.      Flox has returned or never left. Her Faerie beauty can ensorcle men’s hearts and only Tobin is her Master.

2.      The one known only as "the midwife" who has been installed by Tobin to combat the horrible plague visited on expecting Mothers.  It is said some nobles can get a safe delivery with her blessing.

3.      An Ambassador of the Hunym-Sidhe who serves as honor gaurd for the dead Hunym-sidhe who fell in battle against the dragon.

4.      An Ambassador from the Good Earth Entelechy who screams they are NOT the Dolor.  The Dolor are commmonly a creation of Tobin to defeat the Eastern Obscenity in its creche pits. 

5.      A vacant spot believed (and hoped) by many to be a replacement from the Northrenrir for the beloved Laerya.

6.      A Mage from a far away Distant land calling himself Sar-Sui a being covered in black fur, upright, clawed, and feline known as the Gentleman Beast who only ventures forth at night.  Some say he is a reverse lycanthrope.  They say he drinks clear Liquor at the Hexagon Inn on New Moon nights

Miscellaneous Street Rumors available with common everyman streetwise


  • There is a plague believed to be caused by witchery that has numerous causes put to it.  The favored reason is the hideous beast rumored to be East of the town in a giant creche.  Mothers in their final pangs of birth suddenly give birth to a still born, strangled.  Grief has spread through the city and there s no sure cure, save the midwife who only sees nobles Tobin has chosen.
  • New Candide is the most glorious and powerful city on Oco and even Glered-nigh now bows before New Candide after the battle of Flame and Earth.
  • An alternate trade route around the Creche has opened up and trade and peacings flow undisturbed into the city
  • It is against the law to view the Eastern Obscenity and the walls are Stacked with Tobins Immortal Honor Gaurd.





Player Diary 11

Those brave souls ventured into the Necropolis to protect the world from the Jezrite and Necromancy.  Now they find themselves poisoned in spirit, fractured and unsure who to trust–or even if trust itself can any longer be considered a virtue.  Some have declared themselves enemies of friends who have risked lives in battle; others retract cryptic and dangerous prophecies setting the nerves of all on edge, and one has joined the great Thaumaturge to become enmeshed in the Necromantic meisterspell.
While rumors of New Candide being set to the dragon flame abound, those wracked souls who sought to save the land now in frantic opposition fling themselves at the depths to face the terrors that disgorge and fume and plot in the Necropolis.

Player Diary 10

Player Diary 10: Dancing with Destinies

Roll Call


Nurn-John k

Liam-Ston- Chris

When we last left Kerik-ston, he had left with the Vexen, ranking servants of the Funerary, to speak with Tobin.  The remaining Vexen began an argument when one of them sweating profusely began sprouting eyes.  It appears as if someone or something had instilled  a spawn of Jezrite within him.  Chaos broke out.  The remaining Vexen and the wizards and Ston teamed up and defeated what appeared to be a manifestation of that persistent but jovial fellow the Pentopticle.

As this happened Kohl observed what is surmised to be Ercholarnyx pulling on the strands of a draconic destiny immersed in the column of coruscating energies that shift and shimmer in this new Nym morgue.

Leaving the morgue, the wanderers went up, up, up into the Funerary where they met another Vexen who treated them like an honored guest.  At the request of Nurn they were led to the room of Endel Ran, one of the few remaining of the Six.  As they waited Liam-ston grew fascinated with a trunk and rummaging through Endel’s room.  They met Atrios Celind’r the–now lone–ruler of district Divyune.  He seemed most forthcoming about events in the Funerary and seemed to expect that the wizards would join Endel Ran as members of the Six.  He proffered an alliance and left behind a black pearl.

Nurn purged the pearl of its necromantic energies.

After speaking with Endel Rran for some time, it became clear that Endel felt himself accursed with an onrushing death that he believed was due to the dragons of Glered-nigh in some way.  Endel had been impacted by the Horn of destiny and so he seemed confident to go into the oddest situations due to some effect that happened with the Horn Cyclonicus that Binds the Zephyr.  In fact though he quested for the horn of the Dawn Wind, he begged for help from Kohl to enlist the aid of Elia Kartoth, who he believed wielded a potency that could counteract the Doom that lay upon him by putting his destiny upon the ancient Loom of Fate.  Kohl began interrogating him much to Endel’s almost neurotic discomfort.  Endel offered to take questions to Tobin in exchange.  Kohl considered the offer and with Nurn successfully plied more information out of Endel, such as the possibility that Ercholarnyx may be rousing the awareness of the nobility of Glered-nigh with his bold move on the strands of destiny in the column of energy that rises from below the foundation of the underworld.

Liam-ston, knowing from the Vikhayya that Endel was once exposed to the Cyclonicus Horn that Binds the Zephyr, asked about it.  Endel proposed to use his unique abilities to take him to the Horn if he would convince Elia Kartoth to take his destiny upon the Loom of Fate.  Liam agreed.  Elia required a binding of service to the carnival upon Liam.  Liam agreed.  Endel’s destiny is now being woven upon the loom of fate.  This takes seven days.

Nurn and Kohl consulted together and decided this time so pregnant with political activities should not be wasted.  Their Vikkhayan allies may still be in town; the Hexagon Inn was still standing; Jacinth servant of Ercholarynyx was still about, the festival of Ein was commencing, the strange statue in Divyune that seemed cursed with both hope and necrosis concerned Nurn especially.  Was Mad Flox still at the House of the Six?  Were the Six released from the meisterspell?  Where was Rihan?  Was he watching in the darkness of the Nox? or advancing.  Was the usurpation of the Vexen the only card the Jezrite of the Good Earth Entelechy had to play?  Why did they strike?  Would the meisterspell hold at bay the Dolor led by the Nomen?  Where was the Nomen?

And what of the fate of Kerik-ston?

Player Diary 9

Through Adversity bound?


Roll Call:

Liam-Ston-Chris N

Nurn-John K

Kerik-ston- John P.


Beings Encountered:

Ophelia (?) Possible Vikhayyat in Untergeist form, If so, then deceased.  Nurn saw it was bound by Dolor domination.  It spoke in the Nomen’s voice long enough to curse Nurn and strike at Dendri.

The Mayor of Prism-deceased.

Khelid the carnie wizard-permanently crippled.

The Duke survived and struck a blow for all fake royalty everywhere!

The Wormex – a strata of the Good Earth Entelechy that release thread like invitations to the entelechy.

George Washington

A Good Earth Entelechy Mer(?)-During the fight in the woods, the warriors encountered 3 Nym, a traditional Koral Triad, yet they were not bound to a Sidhe, but to the Good Earth Entelechy.  The one who appeared to be a Mer escaped.

The MouthPiece of the Pentopticle tortured Kohl and may have in a mysterious bid sought Kohl’s left eye.  The Mouthpiece of the Pentopticle was not physically found.

Vizier Claudius-advisor to the Great Thaumaturge

Atkutski Fiero– a noble of House Fiero, perhaps THE noble, though unconfirmed.  Nurn saw the meisterspell intertwined with his aura.  He promised to protect and prosecute unto Victory all deeds in Prism Village.


A Brief Tale of the Day’s Tribulations


The warriors set out to scour the haunted woods of threats to the carnival.  Kohl seemed at many times distracted and at other times aggressive since leaving the bookshop and later speaking with Elia Kartoth.  Nurn was driven and purposeful to protect the people of the carnival.  Kerik-ston, grim and thoughtful over the tragedies he has experienced, followed the wizards while considering his choices.  Liam-ston convinced of the horrendous threat of Jezric strove to both oppose that threat actively and study lore in hopes of once and for all exterminating the Jezrite.


The warriors were quickly beset by some shambling Jezrite.  Nurn sensed Jezrite magic everywhere; both Dolor distantly and Good Earth Entelechy nearby.  Even as they fought this first wave, Kohl was repeatedly attacked by the Pentopticle itself from a distance.  At one point as the Entelechy claimed rights to his destiny sight.  The Pentopticle swore to take his left eye.  Time and again, the warrior wizard Nurn purged Kohl of the Pentopticle’s influence.


The corrupted Nym appeared in a mockery of the traditional Triad and beset Kerik Ston.  Liam leapt to offense, but as they were beaten back the Wormex shuffled from the deep woods: four human shells filled with byzantine life that unerringly like a drenching rain of flesh sought the Nym, poisoning them slowly but relentlessly with the “Good Earth”   Nurn came forward slicing through the sheets of tendrils.  Yards away, Kohl sliced off the head of a shambler but then was once again beset by the Pentopticle and plucked out his own left eye in a scream of anguish!


With rage, guts and a bit of running away on Kerik’s part, the wormex’s tireless assault was put down.  Nurn, nearing exhaustion, healed his comrades as best he was able, leaving a gaping hole in Kohl’s left socket.



Then, the Dolor struck!  This thing seemed born not of sinew but some mad giant creation of the Koradesh . . . or the untergeist of a mad Vikhayyat?!

(Thanks to Claymore Manga for the monster and incrediible character of Ophelia!)


Kohl awoke and shunted the warriors away from the beast with a rapidity he never before displayed and spoke in a voice that chilled any who would call him friend, for it was not the intellectual dispassionate Kohl, but the arrogance of the slave master who spoke, “No.  You are my investments and have much to do.”  And Kohl now had his left eye back, but a left eye of no human origin, but the twin pupilled eye of Glered-nigh stared back at the warriors.

The beast, as if driven by an unseen hand, continued toward the carnival.  Quickly gathering themselves, Nurn healing as he could, they followed the path of the serpent and came across bodies of villagers and skellions and carnies ripped with one swipe of those massive talons. 


On top Prism hill the battle raged!  Dendri near to death;  Old Khelid lashing fearlessly with the blue flame at the beast, the Duke swinging his sword wildly, and the Mayor his claws steaming with blighted dark energies: All strove against the monstrosity!


Dendri was struck down.  The mayor was torn in half.  Kohl shunted Dendri to safety.  Nurn drew his fiery sword and struck; boulders leapt from Kerik-ston pummeling the beast.  Its flesh resealed almost as soon as it opened, but under the combined might of Nurn’s dark fires, the weight of the earth and Liam-ston’s bolts, the beast died.  They crushed its body even as it reverted to a maiden in death.


The mayor cursed his onrushing death and blighted the faerie tree a top Prism Hill with a dying curse.  Kohl went up to investigate.  Nurn saw the necromantic-witchery spread to the roots and proclaimed, "Set it on fire!"


Somerthiing snapped in Kohl and with an infernal laugh, fire—draconic fire burst from his mouth, burning him and the tree.  Kophl collapsed.  Nurn healed him.  The tree, branch, stump and root, burned in the fires of Glered-nigh:  the curse upon Prism village could not escape the destiny sight in that twin pupilled eye!  


Nurn healed the burnt and ravaged face of his friend Kohl.  Discusions were made with Elia Kartoth.  The Lord Fiero proclaimed his protection for the people.  Elia and Kohl retired privately.  Later, the Gypsy Queen proclaimed they would stay.  Dendri survived, but only barely and wounded now ever after like his friend Khelid, whose ribs were crushed by the beast.


The warriors returned to the city.  Nurn determined to meditate, for his fires now burned darkly within him.  As if rededicating himself to the fight, he wished to free the white magic from the statue in Divyune and break the black leaching tether there.


Yet, Kerik-ston who had been pondering on the fate of his people declared, Enough!  He would see his people’s bodies returned to Mount. Koral and not suffer them to become like the blasted mockeries of the Jezrite Triad.   He resolved to go to the Funerary and recovery his people’s bodies.  Nurn put aside his quest to assist the Ston in this work of mercy.


Yet at the Funerary halls they did not give Kerik immediate entrance and he shattered the alabaster doors of the Funerary.  Nurn interposed between the gaurds.  They marched forward as the bureaucrat ran for assistance.


They were greeted by a phalanx of Thaumaturgi, led by the Vizier Claudius, who easily asqiesced to all of Kerik’s demands and led them deep into the undercellars of the Funerary.  Kohl announced they had left the hard world behind.  They passed a barrier that suppressed magic.  Nurn followed his friend Kerik.  There in a cavernous room 3 dozen Nym bodies were laid on palettes of stone.  On the far side a great angry red colum shot upward and roiled before them  Kohl approached the column and determined to look in.  Kerik demanded his people be free.  The Vizier offered him an audience with the Great Thaumaturge who grieved for his people as well.


Nurn, Kohl and Liam remained in the cavernous hall surrounded by Thaumaturgi, and pondered the roiling column of energy that shredded the magical fires of Oco.


Kerik-Ston, alone, left to parley with the Great Thaumaturge.


End of Session 9

Player Diary 8

The current roster of characters for Session 8, 3/30/2007 was:
Liam, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kohl, Joe
KeriK, John P.


The Six and their current location to the players’ knowledge

Sturmer-Ston-now believed deceased

Flox-A Faerie still in "her room"

RRan Susurrus-the wizard/destiny walker, unknown, rumored to be with Tobin

Crow-stated he was leaving

Atreus Paladius—Not seen since he left with a unicorn

Laerya-Last seen at the Hexagon in current whereabouts unknown


Other Persons of significance

Irene, a Vikhayyat, of Laerya’s Tetrarch, more fervently wishing to return home.  Currently regenerating an arm lost in battle

Ophelia, a Vikhayyat, considered dangerous by Irene, whereabouts unknown.

????-The Fourth of the Tetrarch, a Vikhayyat never mentioned by Irene or Laerya.

Kreth-nor believed to be deceased, a terribly gifted Koral Nym, once in a generation

Ein-necromancer second supposedly only to Tobin, recently his carriage passed by the Hexagon Inn toward the Six Estate.

Teshwa-Nonym-a necromancer? Claims to be of the race of prehistoric beings, the Nomen

Magda-a servant necromancer of Divyune-proud of her profession

Jacinth-a saurian Nym in the service of a Bookseller spiritualist named Ercho Larnyx.  He has been observing the 6.

Ercho Larnyx-A bookseller of New Candide

Soon-Proprietor of the Hexagon

Waves-a group of little girls proficient in Necromancy

Celindr and Atrios Divyune-rulers of district Divyune, now in front of the Six Estate.

The Koral-A race of Nym planning war on New Candide, though they are far away.

The Jezrite- an undead entelechy gathering an army of twisted flesh

The Dolor-a faction within Jezric(?) Apparently not popular with other Jezrite: "Rejoice, we are not the Dolor"

The Pentopticle-A Jezrite entity of some significance

Fintair Mac Carro-a noble of the Daoine Sidhe and a significant destiny walker, linked to Kohl

Rihan-a one time group member who disappeared with BIRD

The Embalmed of Good Earth Entelechy -a faction of Jezrite, Pentopticle declared itself a member.

Gurrenfang-an ancient necromancer who left with Rihan

Menes Eptah, deceased, a man of Upper Saracea with Thoth equipment and chaos magic.

The Kartoths and the skellions-troupe inhabiting the Fairground

Dendri and Khalid-fairgrounds master and addled wizard 

The Prism Mayor-don’t litter around him

Vizier of the Mayor-an old man fetishist

Hrolfgar-runs a major Inn in Prism

Prism Sherrif-favours visible capital punishment






The Wizards confronted their old traveling companion and fellow wizard Rihan, who claimed the Felinix Nox as his masters.  He also told his old friends that his masters as he had promised had brought him Bird and had saved his people.  (The players can find numerous references to the Felinix Nox in documents they had uncovered in their travels.  These documents are posted in the RPG section of this page.)


Rihan warned them that the Jezrite were a problem and that Tobin was weak now from the meisterspell and he said they might even be offered a position to fulfill the roll of six (imperfection) as they were not necromancers.  Nurn and Kohl saw the Necromantic and shadowmantic spells of great power surrounding him..  He promised that BIRD would now not be freed on this plane to become the ruling Entelechy.  He thanked Kohl for giving the Nox this information.  Nurn drew his sword, now no longer a thing physical, Rihan seemed prepared however and disappeared; Kohl’s acute sense for dimensional energies deemed he was whisked to the Shadow Realm/Suspected Age of Darkness.


The group saw Jacinth watching them from a nearby roof.  He vaulted down and offered them sanctuary and a meeting with his employer, a book seller in district Fiero.  Liam-ston found a book—BINDINGS OF THE WINDS—on the shelves and started to read it.  Liam-ston chose not to take a night watch. Meaning the watch was split to 3.  Nurn expressed some disapproval directly to Liam-ston, but it did not turn violent.


Jacinth spoke in admiring terms of his boss, no, spiritual leader, Ercho Larnyx.


The intrepid adventurers met with Ercho and he offered an exchange of information, his past information for their future information.  Nurn offered a more traditional exchange of information, but this left Ercho Larnyx cold.  Although his aura appeared normal, Nurn did not remember if it was tagged.  He was human to wizardly senses and eye appearance, yet his attitude, his body posture, the saurian-nymish tint to his human skin, his extravagant appearance in grim New Candide, his confidence, and some of his subtle hints in conversation seemed to the wizards that he may in fact be a dragon of Glered-nigh.  Kohl, a destiny walker as well as a wizard, had a presentiment and decided to leave. 


After earlier refusing his offer, Liam-ston for the price of the book of the Winds agreed to be the eyes and ears for Ercho Larnyx while he was in contention with Jezric.  Thus Liam was answered by Ercho Larnyx and is now the vision and the echo of Ercho Larnyx. 


Ercho Larnyx spoke:

Tobin was now a wraith, a bodiless spirit, who had been trapped in the underworld until the escape of the Lord Predator of the World.  He did escape then, having been a wizard at one time, and returned to New Candide and fed and grew and ruled.  He took the crack in the floor of the underworld and began to feed on it.  He now with the aid of a Ston, Sturmer, succeeded in widening that crack and harnessing those mystical energies.  But Sturmer in his wyrmlust dug too voraciously through the foundation beyond despair, through hate to nihil-madness-unknown and through there came the Nomen.  This thing however was bound to its form by Sturmer and Ercho pointed out that this may be considered a weakness of her new being as the Nomen foreswore law to avoid binding.  Moreover, Ercho Larnyx said the spell Tobin had was wounded by the fall of the six, but that its aim was to restore to him a true human body, but to do that it would have to overpower the ruling laws of order established by Mayet.  Thus Nurn was answered by Ercho Larnyx and will now one day return information to him.


Kerik-Ston asked about the gaping wound of Oco, this volcanic plume of necromantic and chaotic effluvium feeding Tobin.  Ercho Larnyx encouraged him to a martial plan against Oco.  This frontal assault would be a distraction, for they need the heart of the Koral, a mighty stone of earth power that even the Ston had forgotten in ages past.  With this as a focus for the spells an Er-Ston or group of Ston’s could heal the rent in the earthworks and return the deep under New Candide.  Ercho Larnyx also said that he had means to put the Ston in contact with the Mer.  Thus Kerik was answered by Ercho Larnyx and will now one day return information to him.


Kohl, worried for his companions inserted his senses into the room and was caught unknowingly up in the bargain, swept up in mystical forces he was untrained and unable to estimate.  He later met with the Gypsy Queen Elia Kartoth, who assured him that he was in the bargain, but that his destined was not at this juncture significantly perverted.  Thus Kohl was answered by Ercho Larnyx and will now one day return information to him.


Leaving Ercho Larnyx perhaps more knowledgeable, perhaps wiser, they decided to go check on Prism village.  Elia and granny worked on Dendri to hide him.  Kohl submitted to helping them and taking instruction from icky faerie spiders.  It appears the Jezrite, masquerading as mockeries of Nurn, seek to kill Dendri.  Kerik started earthworks.  Liam continued to read his book.   They decided later to hunt out in the haunted woods once it was clear the Pentopticle was seeking contact with Jezric, contact that caused searing pain to Kohl just by linking tith the Pentopticle.  It said it was not the Dolor.  This was not too comforting to Kohl as it still burned his mind just to converse.


Conflict ensued in the dark woods and two Jezrite were killed. 

Player Diary 7

The current roster of characters for Session 7, 3/15/2007 was:
Leeam, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kohl, Joe
KeriK, John P.




After a brutal combat in the mansion of the Six, the group of Ston and Wizards retreated to the relative safety of the Hexagon Inn along with 2 wounded survivors, Irene and Laerya of the Six.


Liam-Ston found from Laerya that Endel Rran, one of the Six, was in search of the Horn of the Dawn Wind, which was said to be a cousin to the Cyclonicus horn that binds the Zephyr.


The Group began to discuss what next steps to take against this new thing, the Nomen.  Kerik-Ston suddenly had a vision of all the Ston under the thrall of Tobin-Sturmer-the Nomen-suddenly committed suicide.


Irene, drunk and ready to quit, spotted the Waifs who gave her the “revenge” bracelet that countered the effects of the unusual Necromantic aura of the Nomen.  She expressed her thanks to the Waifs/Waves and one of them, whom Kohl perceived as having a destiny line far too old for her childlike appearance.  Nurn watched a necromantic spell unfold over Irene from this waif that appeared on the surface to be a geas, but was in fact a necromantic domination.  Nurn and the others followed the waifs out of the Hexagon inn and killed them.


The group went back to the mansion to investigate.  They found a blasted hole through the walls and the city streets and the obvious heavy footfalls of some entity leaving.  Outside the city walls, they saw a mass of flesh hundreds of yards in diameter made up of bodies proclaiming we are the Dolor with a small black speck on top of it.  Liam-Ston called down the lightning and though he charred a great part of them; their death throes seemed to empower it also.  Nevertheless, the “thing” moved away toward Jezric.


Leaving the City Walls, Rihan appeared.


End of the Seventh Session.


The form BIRD. 






After the Age of Pain Mayet created this bird and in the age of law all those things that wanted to be like bird started to become bird, slowly and yet still painfully.  Those things that were not bird and also could not fly with bird but loped and waddled and fell on the ground as they struggled in pain on their own forms saw in the sky perfect bird and soon saw all those in the air who would be bird.  And there was much envy.


Not-bird feared dragons of the sky but not-bird envied birds of the sky and so the thought was to cage bird and keep bird and envy and covet bird.  The idea of envy-cage-bird-covet took shape around BIRD.


Before the age of LAW came to an end, those most like unto envy-cage-bird-covet were those who wielded much Necromancy, who in the Age of Pain did scrape unto the thoughts and will and whims of the Nef-Shivrael-e survived into the age of Law.  They assumed forms of MAN taking from MAN his form foreseeing in their clutching, grasping way that MAN would have the best form.  While not yet finished, they named themselves Nomen that they might never be bound as they had bound bird.  And these things, though few, were not Chaos, but shared in Shivrael as well as Nef-Shivrael-e and so were not foes of Mayet (Law) but thieved of aspects of Primal Forms most dreadful: FEAR and clung then to other Forms perilous: DOMINATION, ASPHYXIATION, CHAINS.  Nomen found that while the crystal magic was being reveled in by life, it could not partake for it had declared of itself a negative form, Nomen.  It envied and it killed and killed. Nomen conquered the races of Hu not yet fully formed and the ones of the sea and the ones of the night because Nomen were brutish and needed no refinement while all life still ached and stretched to obey their law.


Nomen built a mighty nation and a great Ziggurat and they proclaimed to Shivrael raising their voice to the sky, “We reject you!” And so the creative powers left them and magic left them utterly.  But Nef-Shivrael-e had been banished and Nomen were alone and to Nomen that was a thing good for they understood those urges well enough not to need or want a master.


The Nomen envied the growing peoples and sought to cage them like BIRD.


Nomen preyed upon the life of their enemies and soon made themselves things with unlife owning the dead they killed and giving back animus.  These things had no will and moved only at their will.


Nomen remembered it had caged bird and so next when they killed they caged the thing entire they killed and the meat was theirs and the suffering thing was there such as could not flee, for Nomen could not wholly thwart the Law. Though the form of CAGE was theirs the mastery of it was not.


BIRD so free brought with it also envy and imprisonment.

With the completion of the law, Nomen dwindled away, for their necromancy mighty as it was, was unwholesome and not generative while the living things of Oco multiplied without fail year after year.  Felinix and Dragons and Men and Faerie and Nym and Mer and all those not bound to Necromancy made unrelenting war upon Nomen with fell magics of their own until Nomen fled in great terror some say to join Nef-Shivrael-e knowing nowhere else to go, some say to the outer darkness.


Others say with the completion of the law not-things were then uncompleted by Mayet and so the Nomen became No thing at all.  Who can say of a time when the Sidhe were yet infants?


BIRD still on the hard world went unrecognized until some folk became puissant to know what was among them and this race was the Felinix Nox.  The Nox sought ever the advantage not through their own strength but in the paucity of their adversaries and this was a new thought and the Nox became mighty ere Dragons could take flight.  The Nox had carved out unassailable ziggurats on high mountain cliffs and dug deep into dark caves and captured many things and ideas that had escaped the weary sight of Mayet.  With these Powers of Shi, the Nox overcame the primitive races of hu.


Lost is the tale of how the Nox found it, but always seeking for advantage perhaps in some ancient Nomen ruin hidden in the darkness the new masters of things hidden found BIRD.  Who else could have?


The NOX did not know what they now possessed among their many artifacts and treasures.  Many mighty spells the Nomen had put upon this totem that did not pass with their passing.  A young race looking at BIRD and given to dark things, they could not see bird through the cages of the Nomen.


This was another tragedy.  Perhaps because FORMS are not meant to be on the hard world nothing went aright.  The Nox instead of studying the beauty and elegance of bird saw only the spells and dominion of the Nomen and in this way among many others the Nox who were a mighty race now long before the master crystal was again uncovered, gained now power over life and death to add to their lore of darkness.  The Nox cast many more spells on BIRD to the dismay of the Faerie who warred with them lest all sunlight leave the land and jungles and forest become like fungus and things that feed off death.


The Nox built many tombs and ziggurats all long since gone and who can say how long this age of darkness lasted, but other races gained puissance. And the Faerie strong in the youth of the world were now joined by their cousins the Hunym who were strong with earth and sinew.  With each deed of valor stars appeared in the night sky and the darkness now had no place of utter dominion.  When the free men who first uncovered the master crystal joined the Nym, this signaled the end of the age of Darkness and the receding of the Felinix Nox unto utter extinction.


BIRD remained.  And seemed to all the world now a dreadful thing.  As good men became wizards some faltered and found that life anima was theirs to command.  Perhaps Nef-shivrael-e whispered this to them, perhaps their own desire for domination, but necromancy did not part the world with the Nox and bird now was a thing that could only be easily valued by Necromancers.  Eras came and went and ever the totem with the energies of BIRD was perverted to use and bird remained a fragile winged thing while Dragons ruled the sky.


Bird must wait for the day when magic is closer to the heart than DOMINION.