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New Candide – Common Rumors


The following are Common Rumors easily discovered with a weeks worth of eavesdropping.  They may or may not be true.


 The city is divided into 6 Aegis, which are also the months in the New Candide Calendar. 

Aegis Rumors 


                                                              i.      §         The Funerary, ruled by Tobin directly.  The center of the cult that performs the peacing, the center of New Candide and a significant draw of capital and thaumaturgic energies has doubled the blood tax to defeat the Eastern Obscenity.  Tobin and his Six have defeated Glered-Nigh in the Battle of Flame and Earth  (Earth here implies both Mother Earth and Grave Mound peacing Earth) 

                                                            ii.      §         Ein- (also a person.  The second most powerful Thaumaturge in New Candide, or so reputed) The region is known for the annual festival of Ein, city wide which takes place in the Coliseum.  In the Month of Ein, there are no coliseum games.  The Ein Aegis becomes like a Saturnalia during this time with frequent outbreaks famed for both their group mania, licentiousness and “fainting ecstasies”. The colliseum sacrifice has been cancelled this year instead there is by popular and unofficial demand a reenactment of the Battle of Flame and Earth.

                                                          iii.      §         Divyune- Once ruled by Two brothers.  One is rumored dead having "summon’d up that which he culd not put down"  Divyune has become a section of shuttered windows.  They suffer 3 blood taxes since the death of the Divyune brother. Divyune has been struck particularly hard with the plague and the death of a ruling brother.  Their Immortal Soldiers are stern and more grim than ever.  No one goes on the streets at night.  Yet no one chooses to leave.

                                                          iv.      §         Freewings-Militia.  Disciplined and maintaining the largest Open Markets in New Candide policed by the Freewings who hire "Talent" to supplement their ranks.  Their cut from the Open Markets seems to give them plenty of Operating capital.  Fiero Magi as well as Saurian Nym are heavily seen in their employ.  Triads, modeled after Lower Saracea, dispense justice often on the spot and usually consisting of conscription for most crimes.

                                                            v.      §         Fiero-An ancient Noble House that practice their own style of Magic their footsoldiers use to keep Fiero streets and now Prism Town clean. House Fiero is on the ascendency and is now a visible and strong precence in Prism, having their Magi-Warriors clean out the fearsome lycanthropes prowling around Prism Village.  The citizens fly Fiero flags.

                                                          vi.      §         Free Legion-grants asylum to any who sign up. (or is it an asylum?) Famous for their slum region, known as the “rotgut hells” The Free Legion has collapsed in impotency and anarchy and the blood tax has been lifted.  The plague does not extend into Free Legion areas and midwife centers have started opening up in Free Legion until it was found that the children born are believed to be changelings, which has generated more fear and a belief dark faerie inhabit the Free Legion Aegis.

                                                        vii.      §         Six Servants of New Candide: An area ruled by 6 servants owing Fealty directly to Tobin; and where the Battle of Flame and Earth where the Six bested one of the Dragons of Glered-Nigh and Noble Laerya fell to death. Most of the new Six are a mystery to common folk:

1.      Flox has returned or never left. Her Faerie beauty can ensorcle men’s hearts and only Tobin is her Master.

2.      The one known only as "the midwife" who has been installed by Tobin to combat the horrible plague visited on expecting Mothers.  It is said some nobles can get a safe delivery with her blessing.

3.      An Ambassador of the Hunym-Sidhe who serves as honor gaurd for the dead Hunym-sidhe who fell in battle against the dragon.

4.      An Ambassador from the Good Earth Entelechy who screams they are NOT the Dolor.  The Dolor are commmonly a creation of Tobin to defeat the Eastern Obscenity in its creche pits. 

5.      A vacant spot believed (and hoped) by many to be a replacement from the Northrenrir for the beloved Laerya.

6.      A Mage from a far away Distant land calling himself Sar-Sui a being covered in black fur, upright, clawed, and feline known as the Gentleman Beast who only ventures forth at night.  Some say he is a reverse lycanthrope.  They say he drinks clear Liquor at the Hexagon Inn on New Moon nights

Miscellaneous Street Rumors available with common everyman streetwise


  • There is a plague believed to be caused by witchery that has numerous causes put to it.  The favored reason is the hideous beast rumored to be East of the town in a giant creche.  Mothers in their final pangs of birth suddenly give birth to a still born, strangled.  Grief has spread through the city and there s no sure cure, save the midwife who only sees nobles Tobin has chosen.
  • New Candide is the most glorious and powerful city on Oco and even Glered-nigh now bows before New Candide after the battle of Flame and Earth.
  • An alternate trade route around the Creche has opened up and trade and peacings flow undisturbed into the city
  • It is against the law to view the Eastern Obscenity and the walls are Stacked with Tobins Immortal Honor Gaurd.