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Player Diary 11

Those brave souls ventured into the Necropolis to protect the world from the Jezrite and Necromancy.  Now they find themselves poisoned in spirit, fractured and unsure who to trust–or even if trust itself can any longer be considered a virtue.  Some have declared themselves enemies of friends who have risked lives in battle; others retract cryptic and dangerous prophecies setting the nerves of all on edge, and one has joined the great Thaumaturge to become enmeshed in the Necromantic meisterspell.
While rumors of New Candide being set to the dragon flame abound, those wracked souls who sought to save the land now in frantic opposition fling themselves at the depths to face the terrors that disgorge and fume and plot in the Necropolis.

Player Diary 10

Player Diary 10: Dancing with Destinies

Roll Call


Nurn-John k

Liam-Ston- Chris

When we last left Kerik-ston, he had left with the Vexen, ranking servants of the Funerary, to speak with Tobin.  The remaining Vexen began an argument when one of them sweating profusely began sprouting eyes.  It appears as if someone or something had instilled  a spawn of Jezrite within him.  Chaos broke out.  The remaining Vexen and the wizards and Ston teamed up and defeated what appeared to be a manifestation of that persistent but jovial fellow the Pentopticle.

As this happened Kohl observed what is surmised to be Ercholarnyx pulling on the strands of a draconic destiny immersed in the column of coruscating energies that shift and shimmer in this new Nym morgue.

Leaving the morgue, the wanderers went up, up, up into the Funerary where they met another Vexen who treated them like an honored guest.  At the request of Nurn they were led to the room of Endel Ran, one of the few remaining of the Six.  As they waited Liam-ston grew fascinated with a trunk and rummaging through Endel’s room.  They met Atrios Celind’r the–now lone–ruler of district Divyune.  He seemed most forthcoming about events in the Funerary and seemed to expect that the wizards would join Endel Ran as members of the Six.  He proffered an alliance and left behind a black pearl.

Nurn purged the pearl of its necromantic energies.

After speaking with Endel Rran for some time, it became clear that Endel felt himself accursed with an onrushing death that he believed was due to the dragons of Glered-nigh in some way.  Endel had been impacted by the Horn of destiny and so he seemed confident to go into the oddest situations due to some effect that happened with the Horn Cyclonicus that Binds the Zephyr.  In fact though he quested for the horn of the Dawn Wind, he begged for help from Kohl to enlist the aid of Elia Kartoth, who he believed wielded a potency that could counteract the Doom that lay upon him by putting his destiny upon the ancient Loom of Fate.  Kohl began interrogating him much to Endel’s almost neurotic discomfort.  Endel offered to take questions to Tobin in exchange.  Kohl considered the offer and with Nurn successfully plied more information out of Endel, such as the possibility that Ercholarnyx may be rousing the awareness of the nobility of Glered-nigh with his bold move on the strands of destiny in the column of energy that rises from below the foundation of the underworld.

Liam-ston, knowing from the Vikhayya that Endel was once exposed to the Cyclonicus Horn that Binds the Zephyr, asked about it.  Endel proposed to use his unique abilities to take him to the Horn if he would convince Elia Kartoth to take his destiny upon the Loom of Fate.  Liam agreed.  Elia required a binding of service to the carnival upon Liam.  Liam agreed.  Endel’s destiny is now being woven upon the loom of fate.  This takes seven days.

Nurn and Kohl consulted together and decided this time so pregnant with political activities should not be wasted.  Their Vikkhayan allies may still be in town; the Hexagon Inn was still standing; Jacinth servant of Ercholarynyx was still about, the festival of Ein was commencing, the strange statue in Divyune that seemed cursed with both hope and necrosis concerned Nurn especially.  Was Mad Flox still at the House of the Six?  Were the Six released from the meisterspell?  Where was Rihan?  Was he watching in the darkness of the Nox? or advancing.  Was the usurpation of the Vexen the only card the Jezrite of the Good Earth Entelechy had to play?  Why did they strike?  Would the meisterspell hold at bay the Dolor led by the Nomen?  Where was the Nomen?

And what of the fate of Kerik-ston?