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Player Diary 9

Through Adversity bound?


Roll Call:

Liam-Ston-Chris N

Nurn-John K

Kerik-ston- John P.


Beings Encountered:

Ophelia (?) Possible Vikhayyat in Untergeist form, If so, then deceased.  Nurn saw it was bound by Dolor domination.  It spoke in the Nomen’s voice long enough to curse Nurn and strike at Dendri.

The Mayor of Prism-deceased.

Khelid the carnie wizard-permanently crippled.

The Duke survived and struck a blow for all fake royalty everywhere!

The Wormex – a strata of the Good Earth Entelechy that release thread like invitations to the entelechy.

George Washington

A Good Earth Entelechy Mer(?)-During the fight in the woods, the warriors encountered 3 Nym, a traditional Koral Triad, yet they were not bound to a Sidhe, but to the Good Earth Entelechy.  The one who appeared to be a Mer escaped.

The MouthPiece of the Pentopticle tortured Kohl and may have in a mysterious bid sought Kohl’s left eye.  The Mouthpiece of the Pentopticle was not physically found.

Vizier Claudius-advisor to the Great Thaumaturge

Atkutski Fiero– a noble of House Fiero, perhaps THE noble, though unconfirmed.  Nurn saw the meisterspell intertwined with his aura.  He promised to protect and prosecute unto Victory all deeds in Prism Village.


A Brief Tale of the Day’s Tribulations


The warriors set out to scour the haunted woods of threats to the carnival.  Kohl seemed at many times distracted and at other times aggressive since leaving the bookshop and later speaking with Elia Kartoth.  Nurn was driven and purposeful to protect the people of the carnival.  Kerik-ston, grim and thoughtful over the tragedies he has experienced, followed the wizards while considering his choices.  Liam-ston convinced of the horrendous threat of Jezric strove to both oppose that threat actively and study lore in hopes of once and for all exterminating the Jezrite.


The warriors were quickly beset by some shambling Jezrite.  Nurn sensed Jezrite magic everywhere; both Dolor distantly and Good Earth Entelechy nearby.  Even as they fought this first wave, Kohl was repeatedly attacked by the Pentopticle itself from a distance.  At one point as the Entelechy claimed rights to his destiny sight.  The Pentopticle swore to take his left eye.  Time and again, the warrior wizard Nurn purged Kohl of the Pentopticle’s influence.


The corrupted Nym appeared in a mockery of the traditional Triad and beset Kerik Ston.  Liam leapt to offense, but as they were beaten back the Wormex shuffled from the deep woods: four human shells filled with byzantine life that unerringly like a drenching rain of flesh sought the Nym, poisoning them slowly but relentlessly with the “Good Earth”   Nurn came forward slicing through the sheets of tendrils.  Yards away, Kohl sliced off the head of a shambler but then was once again beset by the Pentopticle and plucked out his own left eye in a scream of anguish!


With rage, guts and a bit of running away on Kerik’s part, the wormex’s tireless assault was put down.  Nurn, nearing exhaustion, healed his comrades as best he was able, leaving a gaping hole in Kohl’s left socket.



Then, the Dolor struck!  This thing seemed born not of sinew but some mad giant creation of the Koradesh . . . or the untergeist of a mad Vikhayyat?!

(Thanks to Claymore Manga for the monster and incrediible character of Ophelia!)


Kohl awoke and shunted the warriors away from the beast with a rapidity he never before displayed and spoke in a voice that chilled any who would call him friend, for it was not the intellectual dispassionate Kohl, but the arrogance of the slave master who spoke, “No.  You are my investments and have much to do.”  And Kohl now had his left eye back, but a left eye of no human origin, but the twin pupilled eye of Glered-nigh stared back at the warriors.

The beast, as if driven by an unseen hand, continued toward the carnival.  Quickly gathering themselves, Nurn healing as he could, they followed the path of the serpent and came across bodies of villagers and skellions and carnies ripped with one swipe of those massive talons. 


On top Prism hill the battle raged!  Dendri near to death;  Old Khelid lashing fearlessly with the blue flame at the beast, the Duke swinging his sword wildly, and the Mayor his claws steaming with blighted dark energies: All strove against the monstrosity!


Dendri was struck down.  The mayor was torn in half.  Kohl shunted Dendri to safety.  Nurn drew his fiery sword and struck; boulders leapt from Kerik-ston pummeling the beast.  Its flesh resealed almost as soon as it opened, but under the combined might of Nurn’s dark fires, the weight of the earth and Liam-ston’s bolts, the beast died.  They crushed its body even as it reverted to a maiden in death.


The mayor cursed his onrushing death and blighted the faerie tree a top Prism Hill with a dying curse.  Kohl went up to investigate.  Nurn saw the necromantic-witchery spread to the roots and proclaimed, "Set it on fire!"


Somerthiing snapped in Kohl and with an infernal laugh, fire—draconic fire burst from his mouth, burning him and the tree.  Kophl collapsed.  Nurn healed him.  The tree, branch, stump and root, burned in the fires of Glered-nigh:  the curse upon Prism village could not escape the destiny sight in that twin pupilled eye!  


Nurn healed the burnt and ravaged face of his friend Kohl.  Discusions were made with Elia Kartoth.  The Lord Fiero proclaimed his protection for the people.  Elia and Kohl retired privately.  Later, the Gypsy Queen proclaimed they would stay.  Dendri survived, but only barely and wounded now ever after like his friend Khelid, whose ribs were crushed by the beast.


The warriors returned to the city.  Nurn determined to meditate, for his fires now burned darkly within him.  As if rededicating himself to the fight, he wished to free the white magic from the statue in Divyune and break the black leaching tether there.


Yet, Kerik-ston who had been pondering on the fate of his people declared, Enough!  He would see his people’s bodies returned to Mount. Koral and not suffer them to become like the blasted mockeries of the Jezrite Triad.   He resolved to go to the Funerary and recovery his people’s bodies.  Nurn put aside his quest to assist the Ston in this work of mercy.


Yet at the Funerary halls they did not give Kerik immediate entrance and he shattered the alabaster doors of the Funerary.  Nurn interposed between the gaurds.  They marched forward as the bureaucrat ran for assistance.


They were greeted by a phalanx of Thaumaturgi, led by the Vizier Claudius, who easily asqiesced to all of Kerik’s demands and led them deep into the undercellars of the Funerary.  Kohl announced they had left the hard world behind.  They passed a barrier that suppressed magic.  Nurn followed his friend Kerik.  There in a cavernous room 3 dozen Nym bodies were laid on palettes of stone.  On the far side a great angry red colum shot upward and roiled before them  Kohl approached the column and determined to look in.  Kerik demanded his people be free.  The Vizier offered him an audience with the Great Thaumaturge who grieved for his people as well.


Nurn, Kohl and Liam remained in the cavernous hall surrounded by Thaumaturgi, and pondered the roiling column of energy that shredded the magical fires of Oco.


Kerik-Ston, alone, left to parley with the Great Thaumaturge.


End of Session 9