Player Diary 8

The current roster of characters for Session 8, 3/30/2007 was:
Liam, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kohl, Joe
KeriK, John P.


The Six and their current location to the players’ knowledge

Sturmer-Ston-now believed deceased

Flox-A Faerie still in "her room"

RRan Susurrus-the wizard/destiny walker, unknown, rumored to be with Tobin

Crow-stated he was leaving

Atreus Paladius—Not seen since he left with a unicorn

Laerya-Last seen at the Hexagon in current whereabouts unknown


Other Persons of significance

Irene, a Vikhayyat, of Laerya’s Tetrarch, more fervently wishing to return home.  Currently regenerating an arm lost in battle

Ophelia, a Vikhayyat, considered dangerous by Irene, whereabouts unknown.

????-The Fourth of the Tetrarch, a Vikhayyat never mentioned by Irene or Laerya.

Kreth-nor believed to be deceased, a terribly gifted Koral Nym, once in a generation

Ein-necromancer second supposedly only to Tobin, recently his carriage passed by the Hexagon Inn toward the Six Estate.

Teshwa-Nonym-a necromancer? Claims to be of the race of prehistoric beings, the Nomen

Magda-a servant necromancer of Divyune-proud of her profession

Jacinth-a saurian Nym in the service of a Bookseller spiritualist named Ercho Larnyx.  He has been observing the 6.

Ercho Larnyx-A bookseller of New Candide

Soon-Proprietor of the Hexagon

Waves-a group of little girls proficient in Necromancy

Celindr and Atrios Divyune-rulers of district Divyune, now in front of the Six Estate.

The Koral-A race of Nym planning war on New Candide, though they are far away.

The Jezrite- an undead entelechy gathering an army of twisted flesh

The Dolor-a faction within Jezric(?) Apparently not popular with other Jezrite: "Rejoice, we are not the Dolor"

The Pentopticle-A Jezrite entity of some significance

Fintair Mac Carro-a noble of the Daoine Sidhe and a significant destiny walker, linked to Kohl

Rihan-a one time group member who disappeared with BIRD

The Embalmed of Good Earth Entelechy -a faction of Jezrite, Pentopticle declared itself a member.

Gurrenfang-an ancient necromancer who left with Rihan

Menes Eptah, deceased, a man of Upper Saracea with Thoth equipment and chaos magic.

The Kartoths and the skellions-troupe inhabiting the Fairground

Dendri and Khalid-fairgrounds master and addled wizard 

The Prism Mayor-don’t litter around him

Vizier of the Mayor-an old man fetishist

Hrolfgar-runs a major Inn in Prism

Prism Sherrif-favours visible capital punishment






The Wizards confronted their old traveling companion and fellow wizard Rihan, who claimed the Felinix Nox as his masters.  He also told his old friends that his masters as he had promised had brought him Bird and had saved his people.  (The players can find numerous references to the Felinix Nox in documents they had uncovered in their travels.  These documents are posted in the RPG section of this page.)


Rihan warned them that the Jezrite were a problem and that Tobin was weak now from the meisterspell and he said they might even be offered a position to fulfill the roll of six (imperfection) as they were not necromancers.  Nurn and Kohl saw the Necromantic and shadowmantic spells of great power surrounding him..  He promised that BIRD would now not be freed on this plane to become the ruling Entelechy.  He thanked Kohl for giving the Nox this information.  Nurn drew his sword, now no longer a thing physical, Rihan seemed prepared however and disappeared; Kohl’s acute sense for dimensional energies deemed he was whisked to the Shadow Realm/Suspected Age of Darkness.


The group saw Jacinth watching them from a nearby roof.  He vaulted down and offered them sanctuary and a meeting with his employer, a book seller in district Fiero.  Liam-ston found a book—BINDINGS OF THE WINDS—on the shelves and started to read it.  Liam-ston chose not to take a night watch. Meaning the watch was split to 3.  Nurn expressed some disapproval directly to Liam-ston, but it did not turn violent.


Jacinth spoke in admiring terms of his boss, no, spiritual leader, Ercho Larnyx.


The intrepid adventurers met with Ercho and he offered an exchange of information, his past information for their future information.  Nurn offered a more traditional exchange of information, but this left Ercho Larnyx cold.  Although his aura appeared normal, Nurn did not remember if it was tagged.  He was human to wizardly senses and eye appearance, yet his attitude, his body posture, the saurian-nymish tint to his human skin, his extravagant appearance in grim New Candide, his confidence, and some of his subtle hints in conversation seemed to the wizards that he may in fact be a dragon of Glered-nigh.  Kohl, a destiny walker as well as a wizard, had a presentiment and decided to leave. 


After earlier refusing his offer, Liam-ston for the price of the book of the Winds agreed to be the eyes and ears for Ercho Larnyx while he was in contention with Jezric.  Thus Liam was answered by Ercho Larnyx and is now the vision and the echo of Ercho Larnyx. 


Ercho Larnyx spoke:

Tobin was now a wraith, a bodiless spirit, who had been trapped in the underworld until the escape of the Lord Predator of the World.  He did escape then, having been a wizard at one time, and returned to New Candide and fed and grew and ruled.  He took the crack in the floor of the underworld and began to feed on it.  He now with the aid of a Ston, Sturmer, succeeded in widening that crack and harnessing those mystical energies.  But Sturmer in his wyrmlust dug too voraciously through the foundation beyond despair, through hate to nihil-madness-unknown and through there came the Nomen.  This thing however was bound to its form by Sturmer and Ercho pointed out that this may be considered a weakness of her new being as the Nomen foreswore law to avoid binding.  Moreover, Ercho Larnyx said the spell Tobin had was wounded by the fall of the six, but that its aim was to restore to him a true human body, but to do that it would have to overpower the ruling laws of order established by Mayet.  Thus Nurn was answered by Ercho Larnyx and will now one day return information to him.


Kerik-Ston asked about the gaping wound of Oco, this volcanic plume of necromantic and chaotic effluvium feeding Tobin.  Ercho Larnyx encouraged him to a martial plan against Oco.  This frontal assault would be a distraction, for they need the heart of the Koral, a mighty stone of earth power that even the Ston had forgotten in ages past.  With this as a focus for the spells an Er-Ston or group of Ston’s could heal the rent in the earthworks and return the deep under New Candide.  Ercho Larnyx also said that he had means to put the Ston in contact with the Mer.  Thus Kerik was answered by Ercho Larnyx and will now one day return information to him.


Kohl, worried for his companions inserted his senses into the room and was caught unknowingly up in the bargain, swept up in mystical forces he was untrained and unable to estimate.  He later met with the Gypsy Queen Elia Kartoth, who assured him that he was in the bargain, but that his destined was not at this juncture significantly perverted.  Thus Kohl was answered by Ercho Larnyx and will now one day return information to him.


Leaving Ercho Larnyx perhaps more knowledgeable, perhaps wiser, they decided to go check on Prism village.  Elia and granny worked on Dendri to hide him.  Kohl submitted to helping them and taking instruction from icky faerie spiders.  It appears the Jezrite, masquerading as mockeries of Nurn, seek to kill Dendri.  Kerik started earthworks.  Liam continued to read his book.   They decided later to hunt out in the haunted woods once it was clear the Pentopticle was seeking contact with Jezric, contact that caused searing pain to Kohl just by linking tith the Pentopticle.  It said it was not the Dolor.  This was not too comforting to Kohl as it still burned his mind just to converse.


Conflict ensued in the dark woods and two Jezrite were killed. 


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