Player Diary 7

The current roster of characters for Session 7, 3/15/2007 was:
Leeam, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kohl, Joe
KeriK, John P.




After a brutal combat in the mansion of the Six, the group of Ston and Wizards retreated to the relative safety of the Hexagon Inn along with 2 wounded survivors, Irene and Laerya of the Six.


Liam-Ston found from Laerya that Endel Rran, one of the Six, was in search of the Horn of the Dawn Wind, which was said to be a cousin to the Cyclonicus horn that binds the Zephyr.


The Group began to discuss what next steps to take against this new thing, the Nomen.  Kerik-Ston suddenly had a vision of all the Ston under the thrall of Tobin-Sturmer-the Nomen-suddenly committed suicide.


Irene, drunk and ready to quit, spotted the Waifs who gave her the “revenge” bracelet that countered the effects of the unusual Necromantic aura of the Nomen.  She expressed her thanks to the Waifs/Waves and one of them, whom Kohl perceived as having a destiny line far too old for her childlike appearance.  Nurn watched a necromantic spell unfold over Irene from this waif that appeared on the surface to be a geas, but was in fact a necromantic domination.  Nurn and the others followed the waifs out of the Hexagon inn and killed them.


The group went back to the mansion to investigate.  They found a blasted hole through the walls and the city streets and the obvious heavy footfalls of some entity leaving.  Outside the city walls, they saw a mass of flesh hundreds of yards in diameter made up of bodies proclaiming we are the Dolor with a small black speck on top of it.  Liam-Ston called down the lightning and though he charred a great part of them; their death throes seemed to empower it also.  Nevertheless, the “thing” moved away toward Jezric.


Leaving the City Walls, Rihan appeared.


End of the Seventh Session.


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