Player Diary 6

The current roster of characters for Session 6, 3/8/2007 was:
Leeam, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kohl, Joe
KeriK, John P.


The Six and their current location to the players’ knowledge

Sturmer-Ston-now believed deceased

Flox-A Faerie still in "her room"

RRan Susurrus-the wizard/destiny walker, unknown, rumored to be with Tobin

Crow-at the hexagon Inn-intending fervently to leave New Candide

Atreus Paladius–Last seen riding a unicorn ’nuff said

Laerya, a Vikhayyat, In the Hexagon inn mulling over returning to the Northrenrir


Other Persons of significance

Irene, a Vikhayyat, of Laerya’s Tetrarch, more fervently wishing to return home.  Currently regenerating an arm lost in battle

Ophelia, a Vikhayyat, considered dangerous by Irene, whereabouts unknown.

????-The Fourth of the Tetrarch, a Vikhayyat never mentioned by Irene or Laerya.

Kreth-nor believed to be deceased, a terribly gifted Koral Nym, once in a generation

Ein-necromancer second supposedly only to Tobin, recently his carriage passed by the Hexagon Inn toward the Six Estate.

Teshwa-Nonym-a necromancer? Claims to be of the race of prehistoric beings, the Nomen

Magda-a servant necromancer of Divyune-proud of her profession

Jacinth-a "stalker" ?

Soon-Proprietor of the Hexagon

Waves-a group of little girls proficient in Necromancy

Celindr and Atrios Divyune-rulers of district Divyune, now in front of the Six Estate.

The Koral-A race of Nym planning war on New Candide, though they are far away.

The Jezrite- an undead entelechy gathering an army of twisted flesh

The Dolor-a faction within Jezric(?) Apparently not popular with other Jezrite: "Rejoice, we are not the Dolor"

The Pentopticle-A Jezrite entity of some significance (?)

Fintair Mac Carro-a noble of the Daoine Sidhe and a significant destiny walker, linked to Kohl

Rihan-a one time group member who disappeared with BIRD

The Embalmed of Good Earth Entelechy -a faction of Jezrite, Pentopticle declared itself a member.

Gurrenfang-an ancient necromancer who left with Rihan

Menes Eptah, deceased, a man of Upper Saracea with Thoth equipment and chaos magic.

The Kartoths and the skellions-troupe inhabiting the Fairground

Dendri and Khalid-fairgrounds master and addled wizard 

The Prism Mayor-don’t litter around him

Vizier of the Mayor-an old man fetishist

Hrolfgar-runs a major Inn in Prism

Prism Sherrif-favours visible capital punishment



Once again the players showed themselves to be a force to be reckoned with.  In short they stormed the citadel of the six and escaped with their lives intact, but not wholly unchanged.


The group first toured the city and saw the old style guards of free legion, the disciplined guards of house Fiero, the raucous mardi gras of Divyune, and the desolation of district Ein.  In Divyune they saw an outdoor soup kitchen where Nurn and Kohl saw an unusual necromantic spell tied to a statue of a robed woman.


Proceeding to District 6, they found a nervous fellow boarding up their store.  It appears Laerya has abandoned her guard duties as well as Crow and been replaced with large stone golems that punish every infraction with a stony punch.  The next stop was a large open air Inn where a spell seemed to be in effect that kept Irene sane as she said that leaving the Inn would result in her Untergeist appearing, which would be bad, she said, very bad. 


Meanwhile a table of Waves was arguing what to do when Nurn messed with the necromantic cord; the waves turned on the traitor and repaid the group by fashioning a revenge bracelet for Irene.  There were other odd characters met at the Inn such as Magda necromantic disciple of Divyune, and the hunter known only as Jacinth, both had an interest in one of the six, Atreus Paladius.  The Innkeeper, Soon, kept a calm atmosphere within the boughs of the giant tree that sheltered her Inn.


Once Irene had her revenge bracelet, she took off to rescue Laerya.  Laerya was in her compleat Untergeist state, mindless and powerful, and rudimentarily controlled by some Necromancer wielding ancient necromancy calling herself Teshwa Nonym.  This thing had enslaved the Koral Nym unbeknownst to the group.  Later they would learn the ghastly extent of Teshwa’s enslaving chains.  The Thing did not participate in the combat save for one spell that hammered Nurn.


Nurn struck at the bonds enslaving Laerya.


The group with help from Irene in a very long and difficult combat managed to subdue Laerya.  Irene immediately embraced her with her remaining arm and began chanting trying to heal her from her Untergeist.  Golems appeared with an enslaved Paladius.  Nurn released the Adorienne; Atreus free assisted in the liberation of Crow and the group came into possession of a book with a picture of BIRD on the cover.  Severely wounded Laerya and Irene were tunneled out by KeriK.


The Koral Nym spontaneously slit their throats. 


The thing swore to them revenge even as they escaped.


The Mer contacted Kerik-Ston and told him the spear of war was now in the council chamber.




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