The form BIRD. 






After the Age of Pain Mayet created this bird and in the age of law all those things that wanted to be like bird started to become bird, slowly and yet still painfully.  Those things that were not bird and also could not fly with bird but loped and waddled and fell on the ground as they struggled in pain on their own forms saw in the sky perfect bird and soon saw all those in the air who would be bird.  And there was much envy.


Not-bird feared dragons of the sky but not-bird envied birds of the sky and so the thought was to cage bird and keep bird and envy and covet bird.  The idea of envy-cage-bird-covet took shape around BIRD.


Before the age of LAW came to an end, those most like unto envy-cage-bird-covet were those who wielded much Necromancy, who in the Age of Pain did scrape unto the thoughts and will and whims of the Nef-Shivrael-e survived into the age of Law.  They assumed forms of MAN taking from MAN his form foreseeing in their clutching, grasping way that MAN would have the best form.  While not yet finished, they named themselves Nomen that they might never be bound as they had bound bird.  And these things, though few, were not Chaos, but shared in Shivrael as well as Nef-Shivrael-e and so were not foes of Mayet (Law) but thieved of aspects of Primal Forms most dreadful: FEAR and clung then to other Forms perilous: DOMINATION, ASPHYXIATION, CHAINS.  Nomen found that while the crystal magic was being reveled in by life, it could not partake for it had declared of itself a negative form, Nomen.  It envied and it killed and killed. Nomen conquered the races of Hu not yet fully formed and the ones of the sea and the ones of the night because Nomen were brutish and needed no refinement while all life still ached and stretched to obey their law.


Nomen built a mighty nation and a great Ziggurat and they proclaimed to Shivrael raising their voice to the sky, “We reject you!” And so the creative powers left them and magic left them utterly.  But Nef-Shivrael-e had been banished and Nomen were alone and to Nomen that was a thing good for they understood those urges well enough not to need or want a master.


The Nomen envied the growing peoples and sought to cage them like BIRD.


Nomen preyed upon the life of their enemies and soon made themselves things with unlife owning the dead they killed and giving back animus.  These things had no will and moved only at their will.


Nomen remembered it had caged bird and so next when they killed they caged the thing entire they killed and the meat was theirs and the suffering thing was there such as could not flee, for Nomen could not wholly thwart the Law. Though the form of CAGE was theirs the mastery of it was not.


BIRD so free brought with it also envy and imprisonment.

With the completion of the law, Nomen dwindled away, for their necromancy mighty as it was, was unwholesome and not generative while the living things of Oco multiplied without fail year after year.  Felinix and Dragons and Men and Faerie and Nym and Mer and all those not bound to Necromancy made unrelenting war upon Nomen with fell magics of their own until Nomen fled in great terror some say to join Nef-Shivrael-e knowing nowhere else to go, some say to the outer darkness.


Others say with the completion of the law not-things were then uncompleted by Mayet and so the Nomen became No thing at all.  Who can say of a time when the Sidhe were yet infants?


BIRD still on the hard world went unrecognized until some folk became puissant to know what was among them and this race was the Felinix Nox.  The Nox sought ever the advantage not through their own strength but in the paucity of their adversaries and this was a new thought and the Nox became mighty ere Dragons could take flight.  The Nox had carved out unassailable ziggurats on high mountain cliffs and dug deep into dark caves and captured many things and ideas that had escaped the weary sight of Mayet.  With these Powers of Shi, the Nox overcame the primitive races of hu.


Lost is the tale of how the Nox found it, but always seeking for advantage perhaps in some ancient Nomen ruin hidden in the darkness the new masters of things hidden found BIRD.  Who else could have?


The NOX did not know what they now possessed among their many artifacts and treasures.  Many mighty spells the Nomen had put upon this totem that did not pass with their passing.  A young race looking at BIRD and given to dark things, they could not see bird through the cages of the Nomen.


This was another tragedy.  Perhaps because FORMS are not meant to be on the hard world nothing went aright.  The Nox instead of studying the beauty and elegance of bird saw only the spells and dominion of the Nomen and in this way among many others the Nox who were a mighty race now long before the master crystal was again uncovered, gained now power over life and death to add to their lore of darkness.  The Nox cast many more spells on BIRD to the dismay of the Faerie who warred with them lest all sunlight leave the land and jungles and forest become like fungus and things that feed off death.


The Nox built many tombs and ziggurats all long since gone and who can say how long this age of darkness lasted, but other races gained puissance. And the Faerie strong in the youth of the world were now joined by their cousins the Hunym who were strong with earth and sinew.  With each deed of valor stars appeared in the night sky and the darkness now had no place of utter dominion.  When the free men who first uncovered the master crystal joined the Nym, this signaled the end of the age of Darkness and the receding of the Felinix Nox unto utter extinction.


BIRD remained.  And seemed to all the world now a dreadful thing.  As good men became wizards some faltered and found that life anima was theirs to command.  Perhaps Nef-shivrael-e whispered this to them, perhaps their own desire for domination, but necromancy did not part the world with the Nox and bird now was a thing that could only be easily valued by Necromancers.  Eras came and went and ever the totem with the energies of BIRD was perverted to use and bird remained a fragile winged thing while Dragons ruled the sky.


Bird must wait for the day when magic is closer to the heart than DOMINION.


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