Player DIary 5

The current roster of characters for Session 4, 2/24/2007 was:
Liam, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kerik, John P.

GM analysis
The players were conservative this session.  No combat occured and no body taken despite my best efforts.  I will redouble them for next session.  I am only sharing here what was made public to all PCs and not individual PCs investigations.
The travellers enjoyed a show at the circus and on the way back watched the mayor of Prism beat a gangland youth almost to death while he giggled.  He stopped when (Liam overheard) an old shaman whisper to him that he would inform Atrios (Atrios Argo of district Divyun, who was confused by Nurn temporarily with Atreus Palladius one of the Six in district Six reputed to serve unicorns) of this incident. Nurn who did not have his sword and his companions watched the beating uncertain whether to involve themselves.   The gang member was identified by Dendri as a KKC (Kurakaracioke Gang who prospered in the freelegion and fiero districts)  Nurn healed the man; skellions, fairground freaks, also applied paramedics skill to the man. 
Ellia Kartoth told the visitors they were welcome to visit the fairgrounds but not welcome to stay.  They had drawn too many of the forces of destiny down around themselves.  She also informed them that Kohl was a destiny walker and that his transition left him in no state to fend for himself.  Nurn spoke with Dendri at length.  Kerik resolved to find his tribesman Kreth, who seemed drugged out.  Elia said Kerik would set his people free.  Nurn discovered that registration muted the effects of the blood tax.
Nurn agreed to accompany Kerik and Liam who wanted to see what was happening.  Nurn went ahead and registered Kohl and himself to the Fiero. district.  They learned that Fiero were one time rulers of New Candide prior to Tobin and an old noble house that changed over the last 3 years for the worse..  Kerik and Liam were separated and placed in a room with a piece of kaonyx ore.  A black rock that looked like obsiduian yet also was porous with some red viscous material undulating in the porous ore.  Kerik expressed his interest in the rock as it seemed like he could use his Koral magic to influence the "blood of the ore".  Liam, although mistaken for a Koral Nym of the Deeps is actually a Koral Eyrie Nym and so had no desire to study the kaonyx ore.  The nym were escorted to the barracks.
After the registration, the pcs gathered together.  They set off for Fiero.  Nurn was attacked by a "wave" (waif?) but his wizardry defenses shrugged off the attack.   They then met alia-mer of the darkenkell nym.  Alia and Kohl both shouted at the "golden man" in the middle of a busy street.  There was no goldenman and nothing there.  The PCs separated Kohl from the mer and parted company fvrom this mer who claimed to be the meisterspell.  Nurn’s magesight saw that she did attempt to weave some destiny magic, but it seemed to require some acquiesence from Nurn, Kohl, Kerik, and Liam which they would not give.  Downcast, Alia-mer went into a tavern.
The travellers secured a room at a decent establishment (we will have to decide on monies).  Kerik talked to Kreth and Kreth extolled the virtues of Kaonyx and golem-mastery and suggested this new magic was freed from the constraints of the Koral sidhe (heresy).  Kerik accepted Kreth’s offer to meet Kreth’s new mentor, Sturmer-ston, reputed to be insane.  Sturmer is said to be the leader of the Koral Nym (Kerik and Liam met some of the Koral nym after being registered who seemed happy to work in New Candide on the kaonyx ore.  These workers respected Sturmer-ston’s knowlege but readily admitted he was cracked in the head.  Kreth says he has plans to take golem mastery to new heights even beyond the sentry golems of Sturmer.
Kreth offered Kerik the chance to meet with Sturmer-ston tomorrow to convince Kerik-ston to join them and learn this incredible new magic.  Kerik accepted Kreth’s invitation and intends now to go to the Six District to the Six compound to meet with Kreth-nor and Sturmer-ston.  Nurn and Liam have resolved to come with him.

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