Player Diary 4

The current roster of characters for Session 4, 2/9/2007 was:
Leeeeeam, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kohl, Joe
KORIK, John P.

GM analysis
Session 4 was a really enjoyable running experience.  This ended up being a pivotal session but not in the way I thought–in a much better way due to the player choices moving forward.  In fact I got a better feeling for the player characters this session than in previous sessions; hence, the separate emails.  It felt like the Bird Prologue  was wrapped up with a fresh turn of pages into Chapter one; to use a metaphor that risks labeling me a storyboarder demonstrates how confidant I am that you are forging your own path here.  I thought both combats were very enjoyable and from my perspective flowed logically and cleanly into the pace of the game.  I especially liked the GM and player interaction to get through the combats.  I reversed myself several times as a result from player input and on occasion kept to what I knew was how the world worked mystically in opposition to rules.  I was quite on the edge of my seat in that combat with mother of eyes.  Thought I’d be stapling Kohl for sure.  That was perhaps my one major dissapointment.  I am looking forward to a fresh start next session.  No one is too wounded and you seem to have a place to sleep.  Savor these small victories.  New Candide will seek to deny both those realities in the days to come…
With Bird gone and Rihan with it, there seemed little point in not moving forward.   Nurn discoverd that your auras now had some Necromantic tag.  Nurn, Kohl, and Kerik traveled the hounted path with the blood of Anton Montrek, Third Order of The Dark Deep.  Someone who apparently served Ein and also worked in the Funerary.  His cart had 2 sets of symbols.  One was for Ein and one was some other binding sigils on his cart.  He invited you to stay in the precinct of Ein and babbled on about the wonderful time to be had in Arachnae’s Web in the Precinct in a rather leering way.  You were noncommital but non offensive to him.  You heard rustling sounds in the Haunted wood as you travelled the …ahem… white magic path with his blood.  Anton’s treatment of Kerik, while not in your face rude was still a jarring racist snub it seemed to eyes raised in Sanctuary.  Anton’s face blanched when he considered if he could be the Ein when asked by Kohl.
Once at Prism village you parted ways and found an Inn run by a Northrenrir, Hrolf Ingotson.  The Inn was marked with a Fiero sigil.  He had a message he delivered to Nurn.  You decided not to stay at the Inn; Nurn later revealed his desire not to endanger or draw attention to an Inn that may serve as a contact point for the strange yet powerful one time ally the Vikhayyat Irene.  You met Liam-ston here who is searching for the Cyclonicus Horn that binds the Zephyr.  He recently escaped the area of Jezric and said he saw by lightning flashes a massive undead(?) army being formed in what could only be describesd as the fleshpits of Jezric.  You saw a barnaid beaten by a bartender for breaking glasses which was not considered abnormal.  A Fiero Gaurd who was a Saurian Nym seemed to freak out at both Lorik and Liam-ston.  He left when Nurn returned to the table.  The fiero gaurds who were with the apeshiot Saurian fellow left with an intent that seemed like they were going to rough up their own buddy.  The bar cleared out.  Among them someone you later identified as the Sherif of Prism village who left saying, "I’ve had enough of this"
You later found them sawing the head off the saurian and putting it on a spike!
You left for Carnival grounds where Nurn hoped to meet a friend.  A 3 on 4 combat ensued with some weirdling faerie children, who offered Kohl to partake with the  some vengance on Prism.  When Kohl said No, the battle ensued.  With some difficulty you prevailed.  You found a refuge in the fairgrounds, found Dendri who seemed to be doing well, found Khelid who seems to have regressed to a pitiable state and met the Gypsy Queen, ELia Kartoth, as well as the Gypsy mother, and the Duke of the Carnival.  Your mystic senses determined that this place was indeed almost like an oasisi from Necromantic poisoniing that seemed everywhere.
Suddenly you were whisked off to a weirdling place in faerie(?) where some Daione Sidhe lay in a bed dying.  A woman in black was in the room.  Kohl let loose oon the woman who proved to be the mother of eyes herself.  You prevailed and seemed to return to the carnival unharmed to the moment you left.  Nurn intends to speak more this evening to the Carnival goers to asses the situation better and how to move forward.
Korik-ston has gotten a presentiment through the lodestoine he shares with Kreth-nor that Kreth is ill and not just from drink.  Will he rush into the heart of New Candide to save him?  The GM would like to know. I’ll have the stapler ready.

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