Player Diary 2

The current roster of characters for Session 2, 1/13/2007 was:
Rihan, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kohl, Joe
Kerik, John P.
GM analysis
Session 2 went exceptionally well and flowed into the type of game I really want to run, a mystical, metaphysical game.  This ws why I wanted at least one wizard in the game for the detects.  With 3 wizards in the game you will find that your specialties which you each have will become more and more pronounced as you gain experience in them outside the safety of Sanctuary.  That really shined through as you each examined the Totem and took away your unique viewpoints.  This was counterpointed by the addition of a magi who had an entirely alien take on the same phenomena.  For my part, my problem is I have too much information and I need to restriict it down to only the types that you have and I think that went pretty well.  We have not reached the Necropolis yet, we’re still in the prologue, but what a prologue, so pat yourselves on the back.  That was good roleplaying by you guys all around and a good effort to get into the mileu I really wanted to run.  This prologue (should you survive it which is really in doubt) will serve us well, even if you have to take new characters, because you have a sense of Oco that’s much better than in the previous games. 
You and Irene bound the wounds of the survivors and questioned them.  They claimed to be an independent cult of Upper Saracea using Thoth gear.  The Thoth are a military mystic group who serve SHere, Queen of UPper Saracea.  They all seem like kids though frightened teenagers who were not equipped to be in the woods.  They told you of "the kid" who defended them from the nymling, some sort of proto hunym-sidhe who are very territorial.
Irene, after binding the wounded, read her runes and gave chase.
Rihan appeared and briefed everyone that there are Ruins down there but the totem was missing.
Rihan, Nurn, and Kohl gave chase, slowed down some by the prisoners.
Earthquakes shook the ground and you discovered "the kid" took down Irene HARD.  But not before Menes Eptah the leader of the cult that found the site was cut in two.  Nurn saved the life of Irene.
Irene took to meditation and cried out "Ophelia!".  Exhibited some shape changing growing draconic-bat like wings on her bac and took flight
Irene stated that if she saw the totem her oath would compel her to take it to Laerya.
She was visbly exhausted but decided abruptly to leave after bestowing a vow shared between her and Nurn and placing a rune in his palm that allowed some sort of very primitive mindlink–more like an oathlink.  After saving her life, she entrusted to Kohl the dispensation of the totem in a manner to satisfy her vow.  She stated that failure to meet up again in New Candide to complete this oath would result in her own demise.  She bedae them before they left, that should they meet "Ophelia" they should run.  Cryptic?  Irene left.  Kohl could tell from the rune she was heading to New Candide (North actually)
Finally, Kerik appeared and after a tense moment managed to have an underground chat with his fellow Koral Magi.  The upshot was that "the Kid" according to Kerik was a hired gun by the cult and had no attachment to the totem.  He skeedaddled.
Kerik brought the Totem to the wizards.  Irene had already left.
The Totem Investigation begins…
Rihan desires to use the immense power of the totem to creat a bridge to lead a doomed people of a far plane to Oco, a people puissant in shadowmancy and civilized, yet his wizard friends are unconvinced this is the best course of action.  Rihan can see that the totem has several Shadowmancy Meisterspells attached to it.
Kohl, a wizard who knows and has dabbled in the planes, recognizes what the totem is.  It is Bird, the form of Bird which all birds and bird thoughts descended from out of the aether.  It was difficult for him to make this judgement because Bird was crusted with Meisterspells.  A MeisterSpell is a spell that is potent enough to affect the reality of Oco itself, they are very dangerous and usually span generations in their completion and effects.  They usually require some force more powerful than just a wizard or a group of wizards or Magi, such as … well such as Bird!  Kohl advocates taking it to the Realm of Forms.
Nurn then achieved a rapport with Bird and Bird was alive in soome sense and Bird wanted to wake up and Bird wanted to be free and killkillkill.  The emblem of the twin pupilled eye on Bird’s chest faded somewhat.  Two MasterSpells of what seemed to be Necromantic origin suddenly reached their culmination with an explosion of power. 
Kerik was contacted by the Koral Mer and had a vision thrust upon him that this was a thing most ominous, that Glered-nigh was not yet aware, but that at some cost they could keep the Dream Eyes of Glered-nigh fixed on Mt. Koral.  They urged it be immediately taken into the deep earth to mask its precense.  Kerik reattached the Vikhayyat shards and the wizard Nurn confirmed the spell was in place again, whatever meisterspell the Vikhayyat had cast upon it; Nurn could see the Northrenrir patterns now familiar to him.
At this point the four seem to be at loggerheads.  Bird is Bird.  There are still wehat look to be hundreds of spells and several Meisterspells enmeshing-feeding 0off-encircling-binding Bird.  None of them are of crytal wizardric origin.  Bird has not changed since the Vikhayyat spell was reintroduced.  The Eye on the chest is still somewhat faded.
I believe the current location is:
Northern Plains of Glered, Wilderness, Kerik, Nurn and Kohl and Rihan are approximately 10 meters underground in a magi formed cave; Rihan has the Totem.  Kerik wants to go deeper underground.

2 responses to “Player Diary 2

  1. Oh yeah, y\’all splatted my arch villain Gurrenfang.  T.T

  2. We have a great dicision to make together, friends. What do we do about Bird? Theese are some thoughts I wanted to share with all 3 of you:
    Birds plight is tragic. He is trapped in our dimension and encrusted with many many Master Spells. Theese Master Spells are of many forms of magic, but the greatest number seem to be Necromatic. We have seen one of the Master Necromatic Spells break loose already and it has given necromancers in our Plane greater power. I admit, this scares me. If Bird breaks free all the Master Spells will be released. This scares me even more.
    One idea is to return Bird to the Plane of Forms. From what I understand (admittedly little) of the Planes is that some seem to influence all the others more strongly. As example the Plane of Forms effects all of Reality more strongly than our own Plane. If Bird was returned to the Plane of Forms, he would break free. This would release all the Master Spells on him. All the necromatic Master Spells being released on such a fundamentaly important Plane scares me to my bones!!  We dont really know the exact effect this would produce, but think: what if it relaesed necromatic beings into all the Planes? This would be a greatly evil act. I feel one life given to save great evil from all the Planes wouldnt be a bad trade, even were it my own. I feel for Bird, but his plight doesnt compare to all the other creatures in Reality.
    I also suggested we give Bird over to my friends on the Plane of Shadows ( I have no beter name for that Plane). I have lived there and greatly admire them and thier culture. I have Aura Read them and Looked at thier magic. It is not evil magic. When they told me of thier plight and asked for my help, I agreed. They taugfht me thier magic and returned me to our Plane. I ahve been looking for something that would save thier race and culture. I think I have found it in Bird. Others have been very sceptical about them. I understand this, but let me give you more to think on:
    They are not human, but cat people. The Age of Darkness was populates by humans, not cat people?
    They can contain Bird so no more evil Master Spells will be released.
    They will teach me how to open a Gate to them, since no one else is willing to learn, due to trust.
    If this gate is to another time (the Age of Darkness) and not to another Plane, this should be obvious to all of us.
    If we do nothing Bird wakes up here, releasing all the evil Master Spells on our Plane. Then possibly Birds eats us all.
    Rihan\’s Thoughts
    If we dont help the cat people they might very well be doomed.
    That sums up my current thoughts on this mater. I greatly look forward to your thoughts as well, as this is a joint decision by all 4 of us.

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