Player Diary

This is a set of notes of public actions done in game to serve as a reminder for players.   Players are urged to add comments agreeing or disagreeing with my poor recollection as well as adding additional reminder notes for themselves.  Just try to record whatwas actually seen and said or known by all three players.  This is a public area so characters’ motivations and suspicions should not be placed here that were not shared among all the players. The goal is to help keep the game fresh between 2 week sessions.
The current roster of characters for Session 1, 12/29/2007 was:
Rihan, Chris
Nurn, John K.
Kohl, Joe
Rihan, Nurn, and Kohl are three young but prominent wizards of Sanctuary, who, having heard of the problems of New Candide wanted to help.  However, the amorphous ruling body of New Candide would not sanction them on an official mission.
Rihan shared a dream image of an ornately crafted bird of what looks like stone and metal.  The image woould appear and dissapear.  Rihan shared this image through mindlink with Nurn and Kohl.  He mentioned something about people communicating this information because the bird had suddenly appeared and that in New Candide he could cast a spell with it.  I’m not sure if Rihan mentioned why.
Shortly afterward a Vikhayyat appeared in Sanctuary, allowed in past the befuddlement charm by a young wizard named Thom at the behest of the very old and seemingly retired wizard named Andelius who sits at the pool on the side of the entrance cavern to Sanctuary.  Andelius and the Vikhayyat, Irene, had what could be subscribed as an argument in silence.  Afterwards she implored assistance for finding an objecty of power to give to her sister whom she believed would give it to the Great Thaumaturge Tobin!  Irene drew the pictograph in the stone floor with her sword.
The young wizards (in Sanctuarian terms under 100 years of age is young) followed the lady outside.  Rihan offered her to grow a variety of vegetables through his sorcery.  She ignored him.  Kohl chalklenged her motives for coming to Sanctuary; whereupon Irene displayed temper for the first time.  She shouted in a rather garbled fashion that "The mother of Swords" had commanded her and that this was for the good of the world and that her sister Laerya would most likely hand this thing to Tobin and that Sanctuary across the world was said to look for the good of the whole world when such powerful totems appear and so it was reasonable to get wizards to assist her with this task.  Whereupon she seemed to pout.  She also mentioned that the mother of swords had talked with Tobiin.  Her expression at the name Tobin was not one of approval.  Later she shared a meal offered by Nurn who shared it with her.  They spoke courteously to each other.  Irene apologized to Kohl for her outburst.  Kohl accepted the apology graciously.
The prophet Carter told them the "Vikhayyat’s tale".
Irene is very loosely based off of a character in the brilliant manga Claymore written and drawn by NoriHiro Yagi.
Later it was found that Irene found Sanctuary  by means of Northrenrir runecasting and now that the black bird was being used she could locate it by means of runecasting.  She led the wizards along with a wilderness guide named Levy who has dogsleds pulled by trained doberman like dogs to where the excavation site was whereupon they not using stealth approached the camp boldly and were rudely attacked by men in Upper Saracean dress.  They were martial artists but some of them fired beams of coruscating magic from their martial staves.  Irene charged them as did Nurn.  There was the effluvian of a powerful spell in the air which then faded before their magesight.  Kohl appeared suddenly behind the Upper Saraceans and attacked.  Rihan dissapeared.
Despite a thouroughly overwhelming attack, the Upper Saraceans never made a morale check and fought to the last man.  Nurn, Kohl and Irene made a bloody hash of the aggressors.  Many are dying from wounds; others not so severely but are unconscious.

2 responses to “Player Diary

  1. Other notes:
    Libraries were checked for  information on this totem.
    Nurn shared a scroll.  Generations (available to read under the RPG list)
    My order of events when Irene showed up may be slightly off.
    I purposely left out the item section as JP won\’t need that.
    I purposely left out why Sanctuary would or did what they did, but they did cast some spell on the wizard\’s before they left and they left amid a highly ritualized way.

  2. One note: I offered all players the opportunity prior to the next session to revise their characters now having an actual taste of the game; however, I sensed no dissatisfaction on anyone\’s part with their characters.  The offer still stands.

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