Character Creation Guide Section 3-4

Section 3: Initial Character Creation Background Mileus


  • Morality: Characters should have a reasonable moral compass.  This is a heroic game and the milieu will be plenty dark.  Think if wild west Tombstone was the size of a city with hellish magic thrown in. 
  • RACE RESTRICTION: Only races of Hu (Human, Hunym) are allowed as player races
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS: What powers are available to you are entirely dependent on the background of your character.  No power is off limits; however, wizards will not have weather prediction of a storm shaman and necromancers won’t have heals!  The energies available to each branch are different.  But both may be able to astral travel given the right conditions.  It’s your job to make a character that fits the milieu. 
  • Sci-Fi Variant: Outworlder devices allowed: This was the center of the Outworlders.  Their buildings and foundations still exist as well as some of their devices.  Some of the devices have come to work via blood thaumaturgy such as the rifles used by some of the elite guard and the city lamps that burn during the night to cast a red pall upon the streets.  The government claims ownership of all Outworlder technology within city limits.
  • Unusual Effects are disallowed.  There are no mutants like wolverine, no aliens from Krypton! 
  • Magic comes from a wide variety of traditions: All magic of hu have traditions behind them, which the individual practitioner customizes and is customized by the magic.  Your character needs to have a history of how they came to their powers ad who gave them training. 
    • Nymish magic is passed on tribe and race
    • Fetishist magic skills are passed on by mentors or family lines
    • Sanctuary is the home of all wizards who gain the “blue fire” by ritual
    • Thaumaturges (Necromancer) are corrupted wizards or apprenticed by Necros, usually undead or in bondage to another Necromancer.  New Candide is so overflowing with necromantic energies that its practice is known and it is the one place in the world it is not an automatic death penalty.  In New Candide Necromancy is known publicly as Thaumaturgy also known as Blood Sorcery.
    • You may always buy a detect and analyze for a branch of magic that is the one you study.  You may always buy a detect for related branches.  Depending how mystical (non-physical) your character is you may buy further detects.
  • General Guidelines
    • Possible base character types  (These are NOT character classes but sociological, anthropological and mystical groupings at a very high level.  You can drill down on these general types to create unique characters, e.g. you have a wizard from sanctuary, but he specialized in swords and now his energies are in blue flaming crystal swords and that’s all the magic he can do, but he has many skills and elongated life from being a wizard…A nym who was an ahn but lost a limb in a boulder accident deep in the caves of Mount Koral and dreamed at the point of death and so became a Mer, but has many Ahn skills and can maniferst a dream ahn arm with a dream sword….I am looking for specific backgrounds for your characters to help me integrate diversity into the game and not storyboard one adventure and be done.  Look at these types as idea types from which to spring.


·        Fighter-(sub categories include gladiator, thief, assassin, mercenary, thug, Ahn, farmer with a pitchfork) Hey, you don’t give a rat’s patootie about magic.  You went and bought a big honkin’ sword and maybe some martial arts and some skills.  Something gets in your way, chop it down.  Sometimes not being able to see is the best way to remain unseen.  A fighter could have independent magickal objects.  Some independent objects require knowledge or mystical acumen to use despite being independent.

·        Fetishist-(sub categories include gypsies, fortunetellers, leech mongers, smithies, craftsmen, jewelers, hermits, magi, animal totems, druids, lycanthropes, shamans, rune casters, vikhayya, mediums, sages, lore masters, monks)-Fetish magic, while weaker on spiritual effects than Thaumaturgy, Wizardy, or Sorcery, the fetishist makes up for it with physical effects whether it is sudden dust storms by a weather shaman or the skin shifting of Kardulam the Great Broken Bear who pulls Tobin’s City Chariot.  Indeed given time and preparation their highly ritualized style of magic of some fetishists can in concert rival the spiritual acumen of wizards, but never with the ease and alacrity of the sons and daughters of Sanctuary (wizards and sorceresses) They do not use raw magic nor life magic (anima/animus) rather they use spiritual magic of Oco drawing from objects the accretions of magic that has settled into the bones of the physical world, Oco.  Fetishist magic is the least “noisy” of magic branches though the rule still applies.  The following are only examples but any character concept will need to include the who and how and why the magics were handed down.

·        Skinshifters and Shamans use petitionary magic of the avatars of the animal races.  They may do this consciously or sub consciously.  Feral skinshifters are not uncommon, so there is a healthy amount of fear and respect for those who practice it. Their skinshifting allows for WEAK regenerative abilities (self only)

·        Gypsy-Classical traders caravan mystics.  They are NOT wizards but use objects and non necromantic life energies through cursed or blessed items.  Feared for their whispered rapport with the forces of destiny.  They are a traveling clan power.  Spirits hearken to their call.  A common legend speaks of them capturing wraiths (The astral form of necromancers) and placing them in bottles at their command.   No significant combat magic, but their predictions are to be feared.  Some can astral travel but usual with no ability accompaniment and requiring effort and prep time

·        Tribal Fetishist-This could be your classic witch doctor from the plains of Glered or beyond the black mountains.  Unlikely that such a character will have any knowledge of civilized culture unless through magical means.  Powers similar to a gypsy with a voodoo flair or amazon flair…Distinctive looks for this game.  It would be very odd for one to be in New Candide

·        Human Wizard or Sorceress-may use a journeystone as a focus.  Wizards use a “spiritual fire”  They use the raw magic of the world.  Limited physical effects, less limited when self only.  Wizards who do not value the sanctity of life run the risk of becoming necromancers.

·        Widest latitude for detect/analysis, talents

·        Wizards may buy ECV based speed: add 1, 2 speed points at half price, those segments only ecv crystal wizard based actions may be taken.

·        all powers by default are visible (unless bought with effect: ONLY affects DESOL (re-spirit world)) including ecv unless you buy the invisible advantage

·        powers should have limited physical effect (GM discretion particularly–if significant side effects or end costs are put in)

·        physical effects are “Noisy”

·        may buy astral travel including usable on others/spirit walk  (inherently dangerous particularly if you bring your bodies along).  Their abilities function fully in astral form, e.g ego blast will blast another who is desol, but not a norm while you are desol.

·        May buy powers with a +2 limitation: only function in spirit world that exceed restrictions.

·        may have ego defense resistant, may have power defense

·        may buy “blue fire” ego based KA*, area effect, noisyx2, causes burns on living things.

·        may harden ego def/power defense

·        allowed detect magic, analyze all special effects, based on roll with minuses applied.  Only Wizards, Sorceresses, and Necromancers* who were once wizards have this.  It allows some analysis if bought to that level but analysis gets weaker as magic becomes increasingly diluted from basic crystal magic, e.g. analysis of a nymish spell would be at a considerable minus.

*Wizards who do not value the sanctity and dignity of human life run the risk of their powers mutating into necromancy.  Wizards who take/acquire 30 point disads psych also risk perverting their magic.

·        Thaumaturge (Necromancer)—Instead of using the blue fires of crystals they have learned to tap directly into the anima of living beings.  They tend to use drains, transfers and transforms.  They too do not create physical effects.  They may use their Detect to disguise their aura though this becomes increasingly difficult the more powerful they become.  They may also have spiritual powers as well as astral travel as a wraith with their abilities undiminished in astral form. 

·        Witch or Warlock– Feared.  They curse.  Their curses can shake the roots of destiny; upend a noble house for generations.  Yet, their life is a curse.  PC requires secret id and gets x2 points  (yes, it’s that bad).  Frequently drowned when found.

·        Lower Saracean Druid-Original Philosopher-judges under Meara; they have been displaying minor magicks similar to crude Darkenkell magicks.  It would be odd for one to be in New Candide

·        Human Thoth Originally policemen instituted by Shere for Upper Saracea.  They have Martial arts augmented personally by Shere’s magic for a specific purpose.  Many were augmented to find and communicate back necromancers of the Anubis cult that sprung  up while Shere was away during the Outworlder invasion.  It would be odd for one to be in New Candide.

·        Hunym-sidhe are a kind of tri jointed, tri segmented humanoid.  Each Hunym sidhe race is tied to a particular eco system.  They are tribal and use a kind of nature magic in place of tool use.  They can form their environment to their needs.  It would be odd for one to be in New Candide, but trade and hiring out does occur between Darkenkell and Saurian nym and New Candide.  Other tribes would require distinctive looks.

The four known races of hunym-sidhe are

1.      Darkenkell-This is a temperate forest..  They are the most likely to be friendly to humans, particularly Lower Saracea.

2.      Koral-Cave dwellers and miners, secretive.  Rarely traveled, but make alliances as they often have troubles with Glered-nigh.

3.      Koradesh-Some of the most powerful physical effects.  Read the Ebon.  From a thick amazonian like jungle surrounding Mount Koral.  Somewhat Xenophobic.

4.      Saur-swamp in their bloodline is the spoor of dragon and magic beyond despair.  Tempermental, subject to insanity.  Subtract 10 from their initial starting sanity, but may have int and pre maxima to 25.  (still x2 cost after 20)

·        Hunym-sidhe have several castes in their societies.  The cast becomes a suffix on the first name when coming of age.  Each has powers similar to their ecosystems, but also to temperament

·        Ecosystems (listed in order of tribe size):

o       Darkenkell-Deciduous forest

o       Koradesh-Jungle

o       Koral-Moutainous/caves

o       Saur-Swamp

·        Nymish Caste System cuts across all Nym races.:

o       Zen-These people take care of the day to day needs of the clan.

o       Ston-Leaders and Councilers who wield binding magics on nature and faerie.  Usually have strong political obligations.  Perfect for big elemental commands J

o       Nor-Apprentice (Or perhaps free-pledged) to Ston.  Usually wielding slightly lesser magic.  Ston and Nor often work together to perform mightier magics than can be done singly.

o       Mer-Cognitives, pre and post.  They can bind spirits (and be bound by spirits!)  Can see and travel the spirit lands though not bodily.  They have no specifically combative powers and generally do not fight.  There precognition is “being” based not object based and is referred to as destiny sense.

o       Ahn-These are the hunter/warrior cast.  Darkenkell Ahn are feared for their spear and javelin throwing abilities.  They have small magics that augment their hunting abilities (usually plant based)


Section 4: Mysticism on Oco


1.      Note on religion.  There is none on Oco.  Every being has spiritual beliefs but for some reason these beliefs do not serve as a binding agent to groupings.  Various fetishists do share a metaphysics passed down but it is seen more as a foundational tool of their trade.  There’s a universal acceptance of the Gods of Life (Shi) and Law (Mayet) as well as a general knowledge of the splintered (now reintegrate) portions of Shi that had a tremendous impact on magic (Shivrael, goddess of Creation, and Nef-Shivrael-e goddess of Destruction and damnation) Despite this almost universal acceptance of Oco’s origins these beings are not worshipped but seen as historic forces that shaped the world, clockmakers who have left the clock tower.  It is worth noting that this knowledge/sentiment is universal cutting across time and space on Oco and seems immune to dilution or perversion..

2.      However, the concepts of good, evil, holy and defilement all have meaning to the races of Hu and have a reflection either ontological or as a self fulfilling prophecy generated by the races of hu themselves.  Holy things are seen as good and loving and manifest as unicorns, doves and symbols of purity such as virgins.  Holy is sometimes used as a synonym for unattainable in New Candide.

3.      Evil is seen as selfish and life draining and associated with Necromancy and also associated with pain and oddly enough a lack of prudence.  Necromancers outside the City-state area are killed on sight and may be so even just outside the borders of New Candide.

4.      Those who do more than dabble in Necromancy but practice the “mysticism” of it soon do acts of evil perversion, e.g. not selfishness for some gain, but cruelty on whim or spite, where the antecedent is not related to any precedent.  No PC is allowed to engage in Necromantic mysticism, but common thaumaturgy exists at much lower levels, still troubling but not in and of itself directly evil, because the source life energies have often been more than once removed from their source.  Confused yet?

5.      There is a general belief in life after death, but no specific codes: “beyond blue” with the gods that will be non-corporeal and not based on specific deeds.  The horrendously bad, undead, and Necros end up in the underworld, a dark bad place.  Fear of this has led to superstitions.



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