Contemplating the Trinity

Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life.

My atheist friend asked me about why I was so motivated to be a Christian.   He is a genuinely good friend of mine.  I’ve known him for about 20 years.   Well I was enthused at a chance to evangelize and so new to my faith being woken I was like a puppy.  But I had to hold him off, because I had not really thought about why I wanted to be a Christian–at least not seriously thought about it since the short time since my faith really burning with love that started with the Rosary.  So I had to sit back and think.  I knew he would take any personal testimony about sudden escape from sinful habits and my prayer experiences as psychological hokum.   My personal testimony would be chalked up to wish fulfillment, no matter I had felt a theophanic experience that fundamentally changed my outlook–that was more than I could have expected or dreamed, really. 


Of all the religions anywhere and everywhere, only Christianity is the religion that demonstrates God is love.  Miracle of miracles, God became Man.  So amazing a feat it stymies the belief of Moslems.  Yet even more so, God sacrificed Himself for me.  Was Scourged for me.  Was crowned with thorns for me.  Was spat upon for me.  God.  The King of Kings.  Was crucified for me.  He emptied his body of life for me.  Gave up His body for eternal Manna for me.


In all my faith life and all my stumbling in sin and each time He lifted me out and broke my chains, in each episode of my faith life what was the central truth?  Love.  Love or lack of love to God.  And perfect patient Love from God.


It is so radical it is so utterly unique.  So astoundingly profound it must be true.  So perfect–a perfect love offering to redeem a sin against a perfectly Holy God–no religion anywhere has anything that even approaches God’s Truth, because God is so amazing in His Love–that no false religion could conceive it.  The spotless Lamb took all for me for Love.


God is love.  This is the essence of the new covenant, demonstrated perfectly by Christ.  But what is love?  Can one love?  Can you love yourself?  Can you give to yourself?  No amount of wishy washy self-esteem Pablum can convince an honest man he can engage in the act of love as a single entity.  Love requires an otherness.  To love means to give of yourself to another and in that giving, receive love freely and unasked.  It is ultimately a free will offering.  You cannot make a freewill offering to yourself, because you are already you: You already have all that you can give.  Love is an action of the heart to a heart.


God is love.  We are not God.  Who could return to God the Love he gives?  Who could wholly understand it?  No created creature could.  We are not infinite.  But The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father to The Son, plunging into the depths of God’s love.  Jesus, the Eternal Word, offered Himself to the Father as the redemption of the offense of our Sins against the Father’s perfect Holiness.  Perfect love.  One Person to the Other Person.  God is One.  God is Love.  Each Person of the Trinity is Love that gives and receives, appreciates and rejoices fully and completely.  Only One nature that is completely perfect could completely comprehend infinite love and in His three persons He completely gives and receives it eternally to the joy and rejoicing of all His creations who would but turn to Him: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The Trinity is the ultimate expression of love and in that expression gave rise to all of creation.  Praise be to the Triune God.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.


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