Song fragment from “The Lost Souls”

Sliding, falling, moving through you

where do you end and I begin?

The press of your flesh moves into me

pushing my mind in an upward spin

in a world so false and so deadly

coming for me and coming for you.


Where do I begin?

Where do I end?


Burn bright.  Burn bright.

Show me where I end.

We stand above a roaring river rushing beyond our sight.

I look up beyond the new moon to gaze deep into endless night.

The water moves free, pushing and pulling, over and over going nowhere.

The wind sighs sweet songs for the river, but too softly for what we dare.


Go beyond–go far.

Burn like the hottest star.


Show me where I end!


So I may know where I begin.



     Defy your master

     preaching disaster.

     You know you are not to blame!

     Flesh could never

     hold your fire.

     Admit your desire.

     Admit your desire.





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