Electric Adam

Circuited tears are never shed
conducting logic in electric rhythm
to perform pixie dances, loyal and dumb
under the thumb that bleeds red.
Circuited tears are never shed.
A mute ghost awaits in the machine
for the hand of Adam, yet unseen,
to yield a rib to soldered lead.
But circuited tears are never shed.
Blind to that hither silky stare
of your love, a lily, found aware
to new life, to newly wed.
Alas, circuited tears are never shed.
That cold, green electronic gleaming
is immune to the gentler dreaming.
Salt tears dampen a dusty marriage bed
as your press of flesh calls life to Be.
But this metal carries no warm memory,
     and yields not to your febrile touching.
Molded like immortal stone to catch his youthful bloom,
     though your love lies corrupting.
Electric Adam waits stoicly,

One response to “Electric Adam

  1. Love everything  on your page..  Ive been making it a habit to come visit as much as possible. Your writing is amazing. Your short stories are so brilliant as well as your poetry.. But there is something about this poem that is special. Very nice indeed.

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